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Aaron's Energy Blog Page

Saturday February 13, 2021

As I made the bed this morning, my mind drifted to the book's instant success. I asked Aaron out loud, "Why couldn't something like this have happened during your life?" I started to cry.  Aaron's answer was immediate. "It's happening now, Mom. It doesn't matter that it didn't happen then. I'm feeling all of the energy here from what is happening there. We are making this happen together from both dimensions we are in. Keep going."


Sunday March 7, 2021

Today's message from Aaron, “All universal energy is helping energy. The universe sends you signs to help direct you toward compatibility. Follow the signs toward the flow. If knowledge of the future is helpful, the universe will show it to you in some way, perhaps through a psychic or medium. But, if it’s not helpful for you to know the future, there will be no way for you to access it in advance. There are always options and choices. The energy of the universe will always be pointing the way for you.”

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